Meet the Architect

Arthur H. BrockieBrockie

An excellent source of Biographical information on Arthur H. Brockie can be found at  A synopsis from the web site’s information is provided below.

Born in 1875 in Philadelphia’s Germantown area, Arthur Brockie’s parents were Anna and William Brockie.  He was an avid cricket player at Germantown Cricket Club. He was educated at Germantown Academy and received his BS in Architecture from University of Pennsylvania in 1895.

Just after graduating, he joined the prestigious firm of Cope & Stewardson where he was employed as a draftsman.  Around the turn of the century he formed his own company; Brockie and Hastings, which had great success and lasted until 1919.  Afterwards he remained in business as Arthur H. Brockie. He served on the board of the AIA for many years.  Mr. Brockie passed away at the age of 71 in 1946.

He specialized in designing hospitals (Germantown Hospital and Dispensary), banks such as the Corn Exchange building at 1510-12 Chestnut Street, and country residences that ranged from estates designed for the well to do on the outskirts of the city, to quaint country cottages in the fashion of Sedgeley Club.  Below are copies of the blueprints he designed for Sedgeley Club; drawn by hand in 1902. We cannot help but notice how the lighthouse seems to fit in so naturally with the rest of the building.

Blueprint2 Blueprint1